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Hey, I’m Natasha!

I live in Southern California with my boyfriend Ross and our two cats, Korra and Kombucha. Yes, we named our cat after Kombucha tea and even used to brew our own! And Korra is named after a tv show as I'm obsessed with tv and film. Fun fact, I was a film major and studied film editing. I also worked in the film industry before moving over to photography. I could talk about films and tv shows for hours, so I'm going to stop with that topic here. 

I will jump out of bed for in the early morning for an iced matcha or coffee. For the days I do get up early, I love jogging on the beach. There's something about the fresh morning air and still being dark outside that I love! However, I am a night owl and can stay up all night playing guitar, listening to music, watching our favorite tv shows - the list goes on. 

I've always had a love for capturing moments through film and photography. I absolutely love when I can combine photography and the outdoors. My dream lifestyle shoots take place in deserts like Joshua Tree, in the mountains like Big Bear, nature trails in Laguna Beach & Palos Verdes and of course the beaches along Southern California. 

If you share a love for nature and want those timeless moments captured, you can message me below. I can't wait to meet you and start planning your story!

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The John Muir Trail in Bishop

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Hiking, boxing & camping

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Camera: Sony A7III

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