What’s In My Camera Bag?!

Sony A7iii

I’ve used this camera exclusively for the past year and I love it! I originally started with a Canon crop frame, but after doing some research I decided to make the switch, and couldn’t be happier!

This A7iii has dual slots so my photos are being saved on both SD cards at the same time. It’s also mirrorless, which makes it really light!


I started off with the 50mm lens and loved it! However I did want to try out a wider lens, so I decided to invest in the 35mm. 100% worth it, it’s my current favorite lens! Besides that I will use my 85mm for a little bit at weddings.


This is my first flash and I absolutely love it! I’ll have a blog on how to use it soon so be on the lookout! 

Make sure you buy the right model for your camera. The “S” after the name stands for Sony. If you have a Canon, you want the model that ends with a “C”.

SD Card

This is my go to SD card due to its memory and download speed. When you’re looking for SD cards, make sure to look at both! GB is the amount of storage on the SD card, and MB/S is how fast you can take continuous shots.

SD Card Holder

There are a lot of great cases out there, this is the one I use! It holds twelve SD cards, is shock and water resistant, and is only ten dollars!

LaCie Hard Drive

If you’ve been following me for a little (or just read my about me page) you might have seen that I went to college for film editing and was a film editor. I’m mentioning that now because I have gone through a lot of different types of hard drives while working on projects. I still can look back on moments 5+ years ago where my hard drive crashed and I lost hours and hours of work (it was very stressful!). Out of all the hard drives that I have tried LaCie has been the most reliable! I highly recommend having a backup for your main hard drive. Trust me, the extra cost is worth not losing all of your files.

Fuji Instax Camera

This camera is so much fun to bring to any session. I recently added an option to purchase instax photos with your sessions and clients love it! It makes the sessions really special for them since they get printed photos right away!