1 hour zoom call

Package 1

I wouldn't be where I am in my business today without taking mentorships, attending styled shoots and making friends in the photography community. I've learned so much these past 3 years in my business and it honestly makes me so incredibly happy to help other photographers get to where they want to be in their own businesses. That's why I wanted to open up mentorships through my business. 


Every mentorship package comes with a questionnaire that I send out after you book. This is where you'll be able to tell me everything you want to go over, where you're at in your business and where you want your business to go. Filling out my questionnaire will make sure you get the most out of your mentorship.

After your mentorship I send out 3-5 activities that I recommend for you to do based off of what we talked about. I want you to leave the mentorship excited and ready to grow with a list of things to do next!

1 hour styled session

Package 2

1 hour zoom call + 1 hour styled session

Package 3

What's Included?

Ready to book!

- Camera Basics for Sony

- Editing

- Workflow

- Style Guides & Questionnaires to send to clients

- Posing & Prompts

- Client Experience

Topics We can go over

Get In Touch

- Go Over Website + Social Media

- ways to get in a creative mindset

- And much more!

I recently had a mentorship with Natasha and let me just tell you that not only is she the sweetest person but she is more than willing to share her photography and business knowledge! She is patient and knowledgeable and has spent so much time gathering information so that she can share with others and support other photographers! She is one of the main reasons why my business has grown as it has and continues to! If you haven’t booked her mentorship you definitely should! She will make you feel so comfortable and will give you the comfort and encouragement in your business!

- Bree


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