How To Include Your Client’s Love Language!

Including love languages in your couple sessions is a great way to capture your clients genuine reactions. Here are some ways I use love languages in my own photography!

Words Of Affirmation

Clients that have this type of love language respond to compliments, encouragement, and verbal cues. One way to incorporate this is to have both partners write letters to each other. Have them read their letters to each other during the session and be ready to capture their reactions!

Quality Time

This love language is about time spent together without any distractions. Poses that incorporate eye contact, hand holding, and facing each other helps to draw out genuine reactions! You can also ask your clients if they have a shared hobby or activity, like biking or skateboarding. Incorporating these activities makes the session fun and memorable!

Acts Of Service

If your clients love language is acts of service, use poses that show them helping each other. One prompt I use is having one person help their partner off of the ground!

Gift Giving

If this is your clients love language, there are a lot of cute ideas you can incorporate! Have them get each other a small present to open at the session! You can also have one person set up a picnic for their partner. There are even outdoor picnic companies for couples who want a luxury, hassle – free experience!

Physical Touch

For physical touch, pose your couple so that they keep physical contact. They can be hugging, kissing each other on the cheek, or holding hands! A fun prompt I use is to have them draw on each others cheeks with their fingers and guess what their partner is drawing.

These are just a few ways to include your client’s love languages in your sessions. Try them out and don’t be afraid to get creative with them!