My Favorite Features on HoneyBook

In 2020 I decided to open up my own photography business. One big question I continued to have was how can I get all my payments, finances, client emails, contracts and schedules organized. From the beginning I wanted to make sure my client’s had an easy way to inquire and communicate with me. I also wanted to make sure I was as organized as possible with my wedding client’s payment plans, with my own finances, with email templates and so on. Honeybook has been the way that I have been able to do all of this. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find it!

The top question I get asked in mentor sessions is how to use Honeybook so I wanted to break down my most used features and how to use them! If you currently don’t have Honeybook but are wanting to sign up, you can use my code “Natashadaboub” for 50% off your first year!

Inquiry Form

If you’re on Honeybook, go to TOOLS (it’s on the top center of the home page) and then click CONTACT FORM. You’ll be able to set up your own contact form that can be embedded on your website! You can design it with your brand colors and add all the questions that you want listed on your form. Honeybook has directions on how to embed it to your website based on the server you use. 

After you embed the contact form, when anyone inquiries on your website, the inquiry will go straight into Honeybook! There is also an app so you can set up to be notified on your phone. Before Honeybook I had to log into my email to see if anyone has emailed me asking for a session but now I’ll get notified and can respond asap!

Okay, the last thing I want to mention about this section is that when someone inquires and it goes into your inquires section, Honeybook creates a whole client portal for that potential client. That portal is where all your emails will be saved, it will have their contact info and this is where you’ll be able to send your contracts,  invoices & questionnaires!

Email Templates

I absolutely love this feature! To check out this section go to TOOLS – TEMPLATES – EMAILS. Here you’ll be able to create all your email templates! I have my templates written out & saved on Honeybook and then before I send it out to a client, I’ll add in a few things that relate to that client. For example I have a template titled Couple’s Investment Guide that’s already written out so if someone inquires about a couple’s session I’ll click that template to send to the potential client!

Proposals! (contract + invoice)

Proposals are something I didn’t realize I could do right away and I was so excited when I realized what they were! Before seeing this as an option I would send out an email with the contract and then a second email with the invoice. I didn’t like sending two emails to my clients and I wanted a way to just send one email with everything together. That is where proposals come in, it’s a contract + invoice attached together.

Honeybook has their own contracts. They do recommend having them looked over by a lawyer if you change any wording. If you have your own contract, you can easily upload it into Honeybook. 

You can also name your proposals. For example my largest wedding package is called The Big Day. So I named one of my proposals The Big Day. This proposal already has the invoice all written out with everything that’s included in this package and it also has the contract for this wedding package attached. This makes it super easy to add in a few details like clients names and location of the wedding and then I can just send it off! This also makes it super simple for the clients since they can view everything through one email.


If you want to make one, go to TOOLS – TEMPLATES – QUESTIONNAIRES. The three main questionnaires that I created and use are the couple’s session questionnaire, wedding questionnaire and mentor session questionnaire. Once it’s created you can save it to Honeybook and send it off to clients when needed.


This is the last one I want to mention because this is how I stay organized! After I respond to a potential client’s inquiry, the pipeline will move that client’s portal to the next stage which is “sent pricing guide”. This pipeline comes already made but you can add in some of your own stages too! When a client pays their deposit their portal moves to the “retainer paid” stage and so on. I even have a section for editing. So if I want to go see all the galleries that I currently have to edit I can go into Honeybook and go to the editing stage. This helps keep everything super organized and helps me know what stage each client is at! 

Use my code “Natashadaboub” for 50% off your first year of Honeybook!