5 Southern California Proposal Locations

1. Manhattan Beach Pier – Manhattan Beach

You can’t go wrong proposing at the Manhattan Beach Pier! There are spots to propose on and underneath the pier, as well as along the beach. The sunsets are especially beautiful due to the open view. After the proposal, I highly recommend walking up the street to downtown Manhattan Beach to celebrate! The Strand House and Tacolicious are two of my favorites in the area!

Manhattan Beach Couple's Session - Proposal Location

2. Malaga Cove – Palos Verdes

This location has quite a few proposal spots. The most popular spot is their gazebo that overlooks the ocean. However, my favorite spot would be this one in this photo. It’s right next to the gazebo, but you have a clearer view of the water. If you would like a location down by the beach, all you need to do is walk down the hill to the right of the gazebo! There is a section of the beach with only rocks and then it turns into a long strip of sand.

Palos Verdes Couple's Session - Proposal Location

3. Victoria Beach – Laguna Beach

To get to Victoria Beach, park on Pacific Coast Highway and walk through the neighborhood. The Rapunzel-like tower is a truly unique backdrop for a proposal. For the best shots, I recommend going during low tide!

Laguna Beach Couple's Session - Proposal Location

4. El Matador Beach

If your partner is a fan of The Notebook then El Matador is the perfect place to propose! The beach scene from the movie was filmed here! El Matador has an amazing cliff side as well as beautiful rock formations in the water. This is another location that I recommend checking the tide before going. Some of the caves are inaccessible during high tide.

Malibu Couple's Session - Proposal Location

5. Balboa Island – Newport Beach

There are tons of spots on Balboa Island that you can propose at! For instance, the location in this photo is on one of their public docks that you can walk on. The beach &  pier are just a few minutes away, if you wanted to propose on the sand. It’s also a fun place to hangout after the proposal! They have the balboa fun zone with an arcade and ferris wheel, along with many restaurants and attractions.

Newport Beach Couple's Session - Proposal Location