What Is A First Look & I Should I Do One?

What Is A First Look?

It’s where you and your partner share a “first look” before the wedding ceremony. This time can be spent reading letters to each other, talking, sharing private wedding vows or simply enjoying each other’s company! You can also do separate first looks with your bridal parties, parents, and grandparents! If you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony, you can do a first touch, where you and your partner go back to back and hold hands. This lets you talk to each other but keeps the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony.

3 Reasons To Do A First Look!

1. First Looks save time! Weddings are already busy, jam packed days, and doing a first look gives you the opportunity to take your couple and family portraits before the ceremony. 

2. Less stress! In addition to saving time, first looks give you a chance to spend a quiet moment with your partner before the ceremony. 

3. To capture a truly special moment! The first look will be the first time you and your partner see each other on your wedding day. This creates some truly intimate, emotion evoking photos for you both to cherish. 

First Look
First Look