3 Summer Date Ideas

Paint Date 

Painting is so relaxing, especially when done outdoors! Grab a bag and fill it with some paint, palettes, canvases, brushes, and paper towels! You can take this paint date anywhere you and your partner can hike to! Ross and I love finding spots with a pretty view of the ocean or on the sand at one of our favorite beaches.




Backyard Movie Night

All you need is a phone, mini projector, and a screen to have your private movie viewing! There are a number of different mini projectors, here is one I found with great reviews at a relatively low price! Although the initial cost of this date is higher than the other two, you can use this again and again throughout the summer!



Group Fitness Classes 

Group fitness classes are such a fun way for you and your partner to spend time together! If you have any couple friends, you can do a double date as well! There are so many options for the activities you can do, ranging from yoga to boxing. Places like soul cycle are a convenient option for those who want the experience to be planned completely for you. Here are some places I’ve tried out and loved!

Soul Cycle

Row House


Radiant Hot Yoga