Questions To Ask When Touring Wedding Venues

1. Are there any vendors that we have to book through you?

My fiancé and I picked a venue where we had to book one of their three selected coordinators. We absolutely love the coordinator that the venue sent us! Saying that though, I still think it’s important to ask, as some venues require you to book their catering company, musicians, photographers, etc. The three other venues we looked at all required us to use their catering team.

2. How many people can you accommodate?

You’ll want to make sure that your venue is appropriate for your big day! If your guest count is at 50 or below, a large venue might have too much empty space, making it feel impersonal. Conversely, if your guest list is above 150 people, you want to ensure that the venue has enough room to accommodate everybody comfortably. Some venues do have a maximum guest count, asking to double check is the best way to be sure!

3. Is there a food and beverage minimum?

Food and beverage can be a significant cost to consider when planning a wedding. It’s important to ask the venue what they require in regard to food and beverage so you and your fiancé are prepared! Some venues allow you to use an outside, third party vendor, while other venues require you to pick from their vendor list. Depending on the size of your wedding, the venue may also have varying requirements for the amount of food and beverages served. This is different for every venue, so be sure to ask.

4. What are your venues restrictions?

We fell in love with a venue that doesn’t allow any live music, only DJ’s. That was a dealbreaker for us since we wanted to book a live band. Saying that I think it’s super important to write out all your “must haves” for your wedding and make sure they are allowed.

5. What time do we have to end the wedding at?

A lot of places we looked at make you end your wedding at 10 pm due to noise restrictions. There were a few we found that let you stay later, so there are venues around Southern California that allow this if a later wedding is a must have for you. Another option that a lot of my past wedding clients have done is have an after party at a separate location.

6. Can we bring our own alcohol?

Opting to bring your own alcohol to serve guests can save you a considerable amount of money. Various stores such as Bevmo and Costco regularly have sales where you can stock up for a fraction of the full retail cost. Bevmo even has a service where they bring all of the alcohol to the event, chilled and with mixers. However, some venues require you to use their alcohol service, which may come at a steeper cost. Asking about the venue’s policies will help you make an informed decision.

7. Are there any additional charges?

This is super important to ask! We personally toured a few venues that had additional chargers that weren’t originally mentioned

8. Can we use candles?

We did speak with some venues that do not allow candles at all. This was another thing that we really wanted and thankfully our venue does allow candles as long as they’re in hurricane holders.

9. Can we use sparklers, confetti, stick flowers into the grass, etc?

I’ve noticed a lot of venues we spoke with do not allow sparklers or confetti. If there are some unique decor or games that you want to incorporated at your wedding, I recommend asking if it’s allowed.

10. What security services do you offer?

You may want security at your wedding for general peace of mind. Certain venues do offer security, or have associated services that they can recommend.

11. Is there parking on site and is it complimentary?

Every venue is different, I’ve seen weddings where parking was not complimentary and vice versa. It’s best to ask when touring to get an idea of the complete price of everything.

12. Does your venue have getting ready rooms?

This is another important question so you know if you need to book an airbnb or hotel for you and your bridal party. Some venues may not advertise that they have getting ready rooms; it’s always good to ask to give yourself options.

13. Can we have our engagement session at the venue?

If you want engagement photos at the venue, it’s best to ask them directly! Some venues give you the option, while others add an additional fee.

14. What’s the backup plan if it rains?

It’s always best to plan for emergencies such as rain or inclement weather. You want to ask if the venue has a plan in the event of a storm on your wedding day. They may have tents that you can rent for backup and peace of mind, or refer you to a rental company that does.

15. Do you provide umbrellas and heaters?

Depending on your wedding location and season, you may need umbrellas, parasols, and/or space heaters. If you expect the wedding day to be sunny and hot, consider giving your guests parasols to block sunlight during the ceremony. If you live somewhere extremely cold, you may want to have space heaters so your guests can socialize without freezing, Venues may or may not provide these; planning for the weather in advance will save you so much time and trouble!